lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012

Describe a local and an international celebration

My farorite months

Hi  I am Brannier  and my favorite month is  February, there some 

reasons,  because It's my birthday  also  san valentin's day 

December Also is a month favorite because I have vacation and 

travel to U.S. also christmas holidays in family 

These two are my favorite months

Here  some pictures of   my vacations 

Utah is a very nice in winter

sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

Fireworks video !

 This video is very nice because it's about people with low self-esteem and 

teaches that everyone has the spark that makes us special and important Do you 

like it? "Yes I like it"

My favorite sentence is "After a hurricane comes a rainbow" It's a big true

It is encouraging for people who feel bad

In this world we are all equal

 The first history I like it very much because is about  a boy that feel bad  because your  parent is  Fighting    till that defends to your mother  

lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Brannier' week

My schedule 

On monday  I just have a class of criminal law from at  7:00 till 9:05 am. In the noon i'm in my house then  I sleep till  5:00 pm

On tuesday I have class civil law II at 7:00 am later I have english 2 at 9:05 am In the afternoon can do anything like watch tv 

On wednesday  in the morning I just have class of  Legal drafting of reports at 7:00 and then I have all day free 

martes, 17 de enero de 2012

Welcome to my blog

   Hello guys In this blog I will post my school homework for Level 2. I will use it to practice writing, listening, speaking and reading. Also, i will share it with my classmates and people from the world.

My name’s Brannier Villalobos but you can call me Brannier I’m from Maracaibo, originally. I live in Maracaibo, in Monte Claro. I’m 20 years old and I study lawyer at URBE . My favorite subject is English. This trimester I am taking 4 classes and I am in the 3th trimester.

I love music, dancing, playing soccer, surfing the net, studying English, talking on the phone with my friends, pizza , chocolate, my family , my country and my dog. I also enjoy going out with my friends.

I hate onions, listening to hip hop, getting up early on the weekend, violence, war, injustice, and washing the dishes. I can't stand people smoking.

Eiffel Tower
My dream is to travel around the world, visit the Pyramids in Egypt and The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Of course, I want to graduate from lawyer School and be a good law. I also want to learn to speak French, and Italian. I’d love to work in an important company and buy a house, get married and start a family.

About English, I love to learn new languages. I think English is very important. What do I do to practice my English? well, I listen to music and watch TV in English. It’s a good exercise. I also chat on the internet and have friends in many countries. I use social networks like facebook and twitter to connect to people around the world and make friends. I can write well, but I need to practice more. The most difficult for me is speaking. I want to practice in class and out of class, too. I hope I can make a lot of friends and practice speaking in this class.

Well, This is a little bit about me. Hope you liked it... Please, leave a comment!

Keep on Shining Love and Peace!

B. Now it’s your turn to write about yourself. Add your picture.

C. It's time to meet two new friends. Use these questions to interview your new friends.

What’s your name? Where are you from? What school in URBE are you from? How old are you? Where do you live?
What do you like doing? What things do you like? Love? Enjoy?
What things you don’t like? Hate? Can’t stand?
What is your dream? What do you want to do with your life?
About English:
What’s your opinion about English? Do you like it? Is it important? What do you do to study English? How do you prefer to study English? What do you want to do in this class?

Use these expressions to answer to your new friends questions:

My name is…. / I’m from …… / I go to …… in URBE / I’m …….years old. / I live in…….
I love…… / I enjoy….. /I like to …….
I don’t like to ……. / I hate……. /I can’t stand………
My dream is to ……. / I want to ……. One day.
About English:
I think English is……. / In my opinion …….. / For me ….. / I guess ……. / I want to …. in this class.

Now, write your new friends information here:

Her/his name’s ……... She/he’s from ……... She/he’s a student from …………………… school. She/he’s …… years old. She/he lives in ………………...
She/he likes …+ing, She/he likes to …….,
She/he loves …. + ing, she/he enjoys …+ ing
She/he doesn’t like to ……. / She/he hate……. /She/he can’t stand………
Her/his dream is to ……. / She/he wants to ……. One day.
About English:
She/he thinks English is……. / In her/his opinion …….. / For her/him ….. / He/she guesses ……. / She/he wants to …. in this class.

D. Now draw a mind map with the information about your friend.

Navith Arriaga

E. Write about you and your friend in your blog.

Have fun and keep on shining love and peace!